Excuses, excuses

Friday, December 9, 2005

Diet-blog is one of my favorite blogs out there. I read it faithfully. Yesterday's remarks hit home. I make so many excuses... You can read it and see if you can relate. I can relate cause my favorite excuses are: 4. "I Don't / Can't Cook" and 5. "I Don't Have the Support of Family & Friends." My excuse not to exercise didn't make the list: "It's cold outside/I'll mess up my hair." The truth of the matter is, I'm pretty good in the art of making excuses, which is sad. I could make two more: "I'm not ready to lose weight yet, I need to work out my problems on the inside first." But this whole ordeal is hurting me so much! I'm tired, I feel horrible, my clothes are getting tighter and tighter, it's horrible. I keep saying I don't want to wait til January and I don't have to do that. I'm still gonna get on the scale Monday and see what it says. Drinking coffee hasn't helped me much. Not drinking my usual 64 oz are not helping me. Eating late, right before I go to sleep is killing me. Not eating breakfast this week was horrible. I want to stop this. I'm the only one who can stop this. I wonder what does it take. Some people have great epiphanies and they get going with the weight reduction til they reach their goals. Because I'm not trying to be like everyone else all I can do is look at my own history. I never had an epiphany 10 years ago when I decided to lose weight. I saw my dad was doing it and if he could do it, so could I. We lived in the same house, ate the same things and daddy was really losing weight. That's what it took, a look. I didn't start on my weight reduction on January 1 either. It worked before and it can work now. All I gotta do is go back to the true me. Great food for thought! Everyone, have an excuseless weekend!