Sincerely fat

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I did not want to recognize it, I never did this before but I'm gonna be brutally honest this V-day! I went down to 152 last month and now I'm 11 pounds heavier. O well. The biggest losers at work went out to eat and I decided to stay and work. I also don't feel good about my weight at all, another excuse to stay behind. The noble excuse is I'm trying to save some dinero. I got sad and ate two brownies. My teeth started hurting (it happens when I don't have desserts for a long time) so I took off the icing (I know, that's really bad) and I ate it anyway. You see what I mean when I tell you I'm not into caring about myself that much? I can't wait to get serious. I wonder what's gonna take this time. I'm tired of being fat but I guess not tired enough. I didn't get any sweets this holiday and I'm not gonna get any, which is good. We're having dinner at home which should be nice and romantic. I'll try again tomorrow. Sincerely, Fat.