Lost a pound

Monday, April 17, 2006

Jan. 1 - 161 lbs
Jan. 24 - 152
Feb. 7 - 161.5
Feb. 14 - 163
Feb. 20 - 161.5
Feb. 28 - 163.5
March 7 - 165
March 14 - 161
March 20 - 161.5
March 27 - 163
April 4 - 159
April 10 - 161.5
April 17 - 160.5

I will reach my goal of 125! No matter how long it takes me, I won't give up! So these are the new numbers since January. It's been a thrill to look at it. Some times I want to give up and not define myself as a number. Most times I look at the good side of it: I am measuring everything and it's fun to see my progress. Last weekend I read "Prayerwalk: Becoming a woman of prayer, strengh and discipline." I went to the net and found it and my public library had it too, so I read it in 2 days. I found very good tips for prayer and exercise. The best one? Just do it! I got two additional books I'd like to read, I'll share my insights when I finish the reading them. Gotta get out there and walk! Thank God last week we walked 5 times. I hope to advance towards my goal by walking as much this week. I don't care if I only lose 1 pound per week, I won't give up, I'll reach my goal!