Friday, April 14, 2006

This is my friend Lu Francesa, she's an inspiration! Here is her blog. Easter season in the States is very different from the one at home. Good chocolate is available all over at home, here you really have to look for the real thing so I don't bother looking for it. No giant cholocate eggs around here either, so that's more points for me. After graduation I cease from having huge Easter dinners at friends and family's homes, more points for me. So, what in the world there is to do? Today for the first time in a LONG time I'll be walking 5 times this week. I'll probably walk tomorrow and maybe Sunday as well. I looked in the mirror this morning and thanks to God I had great, positive confessions about myself. Darn it, I love myself! I'll stick with the good eating and exercising habits. Yesterday I jogged some. My dream is to run the whole course of 2.4 miles without stopping. Can I do it? If I take the training seriously I can reach it by this summer. I'll keep working and I'll see great results as well.