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Friday, July 7, 2006

I made it to the Big Blog List in one of my favorite diet blogs out there! This is one of the many blogs I really enjoyed:

"When it comes to weight loss - or any other kind of physical transformation - there are two kinds of people:
Those who will try any number of quick-fixes - always looking for a new answer
Those who have come to realize that their efforts to change will require transformation in every facet of themselves - not just their external physique.
If you are committed to change - then you must reach deep inside yourself. You will face disappointment, frustration, and confusion. The decision to get up and keep going will test your depth of character - demanding that you become a better person - both inside and out.
" More
  • Have a great, blessed, fun weekend! I'll be back Monday with the weekly numbers.
Cynthia Rose said...

Hi -- I weigh in on Mondays too.

Looks like you are doing great -- small healthy steps is the way to go.