2 Rules for a Successful Cookout

Friday, August 17, 2007

My week is kinda divided in two because my nutrition class is on Wednesdays, so we count our servings and PA (aka exercise) from Wednesday to Tuesday. Because most of the world start their diets (ugly word) on Monday, I feel today I should give you an update on my week :)
The week has been blessed. I've been able to exercise daily, I've been drinking more green tea than coffee (I took a coffee break this week. I've been into the Starbucks brew with a little skin milk on it. UmmUmm good!). I decided this week (meaning from Wednesday til next Tuesday) will be my no slips week. The challenge begins tonight! I have a birthday cookout. I'm using all the things I've learned in the past month and the grace of God to get me through. My plan?
1. Focus on the FELLOWSHIP, not the food;
2. Be discrete. People do not have to know I have changed the way I eat.
I'm going because I want to fellowship with the birthday girl, her family and guests, not to eat.
I need to get a certain amount of fruits and veggies and birthday girl is known for ALWAYS having fruits in her get togethers. She's a great example of someone who knows how to be healthy and still enjoy what I can 'fun food.'
I have shared my goals with the most wonderful husband in the world and he's supporting me (not crucifying my every mistake) through it. We're creating a good support system for one another. I consider myself blessed because my the most wonderful husband in the world doesn't really have a 'sweet tooth.' At least not like I did. He's not into pies (can you possibly believe it?) so I never attempted to bake one until recently. Still, he had a bite or two and that was it. I still want to have that skill tough (big smile). He likes certain cakes and it's been 2 or 3 weeks since I baked one.
One of the rules we have is that when I bake something is: the something immediately goes to my job (they'll eat it all) or we sell it at church (the money goes to Missions). If something stays at home, something goes to my belly and we don't want that.
When you know yourself you can make up your own rules. Maybe you have to drink water before you go so you won't be hungry or maybe a snack 1:30 min before the cookout will help you make better choices.
The important is to do what works for YOU.
May God bless you in your pursuit to the best YOU!