All eyes on the CAKE!

Monday, August 20, 2007

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts on the past week you might be wondering how my weekend went. Wait no more. I give myself a 9.8 out of 10. Friday’s cookout went really great. When we got there everyone was eating already. Birthday girl said “I thought about you, we have lots of veggies.” I said “great, because I need to get 3 veggies tonight.” “You should be able to get it,” she said. We had all veggies and lean meat. The birthday cake was chocolate and I was the only one who didn’t have it. I was offered to share with someone but I passed it. God is good.
My husband took me on an incredible date after the cookout! We went to a bookstore and I had green tea with mint (it tasted great cause it was FRESH). We went to the movies and went back home. We focused on the fun and each other. Food was so out of our minds!
On Saturday we went to a potluck dinner. Most people were really health minded: we had mostly salads, I took a 3 fruit salad (literally: no whip cream or nothing, just fruit) we had 2 choices of meat and I tried kale for the first time and I LOVED IT! After dinner I had chai tea. Delicious! I felt light for the first time after a pot luck dinner. God is good. I’ve almost had to be carried out of potlucks before cause I ate so much. This time, thanks to God, I focused on the fellowship.The pictures displayed on this blog are from Sunday’s picnic. The “focus” of the picnic was a dessert competition. This is one of the beautiful cakes that were displayed. I wanted to eat them. I grabbed a fork and I gave it to the most wonderful husband in the world (mine, all mine!) and I walked away from that booth and drank some water. There were around 15 desserts on display. The one on the photo won second place, it’s a sweet potato cake. We had plenty side dishes, more desserts on the inside, hamburgers, hot dogs (I love hot dogs!) and they had salads. My choice was a hamburger without buns, 2 tomatoes on top, broccolis salad (that was delicious) and steamed veggies. I ate that, drank plenty water and was totally satisfied. Other than my “fork moment” I wasn’t really tempted to eat desserts. I didn’t even had fruit for dessert yesterday. When it was my time to eat I browsed the table to see what veggies I wanted to eat. I didn’t stare at desserts and complained about life. God’s been working with me in this journey. This weekend I went through tests every day. Oh, I forgot to mention that on Saturday morning I had a breakfast meeting and that went well because of God and because the host was on WW and she was extremely nice and accommodating to what everyone wanted to eat. You can do it through God’s help and some preparation. For most people it was all about the cakes for me it was about being faithful the lifestyle God wants me to adopt. You can have a successful week, no matter what others choose to eat.