Forget the numbers

Thursday, August 30, 2007

This week is a new week! Remember, I start my weeks on Wednesdays. Today marks 2 months of weight management class. What a blessing it has been. Thank God for my husband’s encouragement to go ahead and join the class. Even in my worse days God’s word and the knowledge I got from the class help me to go on and succeed anyway. Things haven’t been perfect but through it all my eyes are open, I can see what my choices are and I have been able to choose what’s best for me. My body needed an upgrade on the exercise so I’ve been alternating running and walking and that small change is making a big difference. Next month I’m getting into an exercise routine (how exciting is that?). That’s the closest thing to personal training I’ve experienced so far. I might take me more than a couple of months to reach my goal. Because I’m not measuring my success by numbers I can truly say that my mind has been changed and I am developing new, healthy habits. I’m definitely getting tools that will help me face real life. If you think of the things you are doing now, can you honestly say they will equip you to face real life situations? If you are interested in changing your lifestyle you should be adding choices that will become habits for the rest of your life. Are you enjoying life? With Jesus Christ I am. Without Him there’s no enjoyment in life because He is the Lord of my life.