Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today I have a treat! I want to share a little piece of the great teaching I’m receiving for the past 2 months:
“It’s been said that “There is no success without attention and planning.” This is definitely true when it comes to weight management. Think of those times when you had not plan or your ‘plan’ was to rely on willpower. How successful were those experiences? I encourage you all to plan and practice environmental control, a.k.a “premeditated willpower.” Think ahead to set up environments that make it easy to successfully use your willpower (and I use the term lightly). People who are successfully maintaining their healthy weight are not doing it by chance. It takes being mindful and using strategy to help accomplish the goal. Consider all the little things that you are doing that total up to the success you are seeing. Each of those actions, no matter how seemingly small, is important. Oh how easily things go down hill when something as small as a plate of brownies lands in our kitchen! Congratulate yourself for all the small things you do that are adding up for your health.
Remember that it is easier to make food decisions when we are a little bit removed from eating it. For example, it is easier to leave something at the store than to not eat it once it makes it to our cupboard. By changing your environment you reduce your need to make a decision (the old “should I, shouldn’t I” debate) when you are so close to eating something. Reduce the number of challenging decisions you need to make by setting up supportive environments.”
* Hoje tambem a Lu colocou um artigo otimo no web site do desafio. Um dos destaques pra mim foi essa parte:
"O campeão se alimenta dos desafios que encontra pela frente, porque não tem medo do desconhecido." Roberto Shinyashiki