Didn't you ask for a challenge?

Friday, September 14, 2007

As I say every Friday, the week went by REALLY fast. Thank God I stand in a different place than I did last week. It was hard, stressful and trust me, there were plenty times to give thanks. I mentioned that I was going to start in the gym and today is day number two. Check this out: first, they take you to make a personal assessment and I was honest by saying I don’t know if I would join the gym so learning some exercises I could to at home with dumbbells would be great. That’s just what they taught me and they also taught me how to use one of the machines for cardio.
I almost passed out TWICE in a gym before so I appreciated the instruction for the first time in my life.
The staff person showed me the exercises and I had to do them as well. He gave me a sheet of paper so I can write down what I’ve done. I’m supposed to do them between 2 or 3 times a week. So that was all great.
After work I went to attend my first class: STEP. I felt a little out of place but I got over it. I kept telling myself: didn't you ask for a challenge? THERE IT IS!
I got most of the steps but the complicated ones. One or two more classes and I get it. The students were very encouraging. Half were senior adults and half ladies heading toward middle age. I ran to my car after the class (my husband and I had a date. I made meatloaf and I used small forms so we had THE meatloaf and what I call “baby meatloafs.” It turned out to be so much meat we called two friends and they came over and had dinner with us. I went ahead and baked a cake and we all had a slice. Mine was a little smaller than everyone else’s and I felt a little bad – but quickly got over it because I (thought I) new what was waiting for me the following day: BOOT CAMP class. From 6 – 7 a.m. I had this class which ain’t NO JOKE. You might be asking yourself: why would anyone on their right mind, on their second day on the gym take this kind of risk? The answer is: because this someone is called Cintia. I see a bull and ride it! I’m adventurous like that! THANK GOD I ate a little something before I got there, my body needed it. On my way back from the class (ran to my car again) I stopped by the grocery store and stocked up on fruits (I took a break from my beloved bananas) and made me a vitamina with 1% organic mil, a gala apple, 3 strawberries and 1 pear. No sugar or anything needed. Oh, let’s not forget about the flax seed!
It’s been only 2 days and of course I’m sore so I soaked on my beautiful bathtub before going to work. We’re gon’ make this fun!
A challenge I’m preparing for is eating out for dinner tonight. It’s not gonna be a trap, I have planned and I believe I can succeed. Pray for me. I’ll be back next week with updates from my weekend. Love and many blessings to YOU!
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