Choose FREEDOM today

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I listen to Joyce Meyer most days of the week. The messages are challenging in a way where you feel like you want to be more like Jesus. You can listen to her messages on her website and if you have cable she’s on all day, every day, somewhere. A friend gave me one of her CDs and I read several of her books:

*Me and My Big Mouth
*Knowing God Intimately
*The Confident Woman
*Look Great, Feel Great
*The Battlefield of the Mind
*Seven Things that Steal your Joy
*Prepare to Prosper
*The Battle Belongs to the Lord
*Making Marriage Work

I’d love to read her new novel “The Penny” next. Today’s message said that where the mind goes, the man (the woman in my case) follows. That is so truth. For too long the enemy dominated my thinking when it came to food. Joyce was saying that we don’t have to eat a whole pack of cookies. We have self-control because the Spirit of God is dwelling in us. We can eat one cookie or no cookie at all. God is IN us. The enemy is the father of lies and one Bible translation says that lies are his language. Thanks be to God I’ve been speaking the language of God (the truth) now more than in the past. I no longer believe the lies of the enemy because I’m focusing on speaking God’s language. If you continue in my word you will know the truth and the truth will make you free, the word of God says. Choose freedom today.