The real - it - y

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Friday! I wasn't sure about what to write so what about this: some of you probably think I never wear makeup if you look at the pictures I have posted in this blog. When I lived in Brasil, lipstic was it. Coming to the States was different, I had to learn how to put on makeup to sing in my college choir and my makeup history started from there.

I used to put on makeup everyday. My "favorite" trick was dressing up when I was feeling bad so no one would ask about it. Is that sick or what? Once my King Zeke found me he told me I didn't need that much makeup. He brought me back to my real - it - y. I know makeup makes you look professional and bla-bla-bla but if you're constantly hinding behind it it's because you don't really want people to know who you are.

Do you boldly accept yourself without makeup? Do you realize that's the way God made you? I wasn't born with Mac on my face and I know they put makeup on you when you die but I hope they don't do that to me. Let me look like myself til the end.

Different cultures have different standards of beauty. Brazilians claim they are the most beautiful women in the world and I totally agree. True beauty, according to the Bible, is not found at the mall over at the Mac cosmetics counter. Beauty comes from the inside. Let's wear our cosmetics remembering to fear the Lord. Be proud of your real face. I'm proud of my face. I'm proud of my scar in the middle of my forehead because it tells a story of healing and protection. Let's love ourselves where we are people and have an awesome weekend!

P.S.: Notice my purse and a picture frame on the background of this picture LOL. Oh, Mac is my favorite brand right now when it comes to makeup.