Thanksgiving, here I come!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


With God’s help I made it through the prep season for Thanksgiving day. You probably remember my Thanksgiving series and all the reading I did before this season. Those were seeds and I expect a harvest next week ;) This is something I’m doing for Cintia. This was tailor made for Cintia. One thing we all can do this season is to ENJOY it. That’s why I’m saying: Thanksgiving, here I come! Two years ago the reason to rejoice was to see my husband (then fiancé) cause we were apart for months until we got married (yes!). Now that we are together I look forward to spending the holidays and creating our new memories as a family together. Whether we travel, stay at home or whatever we do, it’s a season to be enjoyed. Many of us look forward to the coziness of the winter all year long. Let’s make sure that we’re not so busy that we can’t enjoy it. Make shortcuts for yourself and even if you have to delay something this season, ask yourself: what do I really would like to do today other than what do I have to do? I wish you a happy, enjoyable season. God has so much to give and you will have so many more reasons to be thankful. Count on the faithfulness of a God who never fails. I'm taking a break this week but after the holiday I'll come back with more thoughts, news and everything that makes me,

Simply Cintia