What´s going on?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It took me a week but I think I got to a good, stable point. These are some of the strategies that are working for me while on vacation:
1. I walk around with a bottle of water: it saves money, it keeps me cool;
2. I prioritize exercise: If I don´t do it first thing in the morning it´s challenging to fit it any other time during the day;
3. I plan my meals: I´m not cooking but I can still plan the times and what I eat. I always have options, I can succeed;
4. I make wise choices: when going to a buffet I make healthy choices, control my portions and also I choose something I haven´t eaten in a while;
5. I journal: I write not only what I eat but I write about my days, my feelings, things I´ve seen. It helps me combat stress;
6. I read: I love reading. It makes me relax, it gives me joy and knowledge.
7. I make good confessions: Just because I´m on vacation it doesn´t mean that I should take a break of confessing the Word of God over my life. I still say 'I weigh what God wants me to weigh. I love to exercise and I do it often.' I see myself the way God wants me to be. This is so much more fruitful than being discouraged because I find myself out of the box ;)
I know my deeds will match my end. I know when I give my best every day I will be just fine. I´m not shooting for perfection, I´m trying to adapt my lifestyle to my present situation and have fun while at it! Christmas is almost here and I´m so excited, what about you?