I love you but you Love Meat

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love you but you Love Meat - read here

What a perfect story for my Valentine’s day! This is a very interesting story I read in the NY Times yesterday. Zeke is indeed an omnivore and I am a vegetarian. I just became a vegetarian in 08 and so far, things have been going great. Zeke’s accepts my diet, I accept his. We don’t have any huge arguments about why the other should change their diet – I learned that lesson some time ago. The challenge for me comes when the only thing for dinner is a meat pizza. I choose to get fruit and something else other than meat. Being a vegetarian requires planning.

My wedding day: January 17, 2006

I haven’t been ‘sticking out’ among my omnivore friends. I hate to stick out – contrary to what many may think. I went out with a girl friend Monday who didn’t mind sharing a veggie Mexican meal. I appreciate the flexibility Josie! I’m all about respecting other people's diet choice. My thought usually goes like this: You want some red meat? Knock yourself out! I’m gonna make a vegetarian choice and I’ll be happy with myself. I guess this is part of not being a clone (big smile). I’m also becoming stronger when people offer dessert and stuff like that. I can be satisfied without it or just holding a cup of decaff coffee. That’s my choice and I’m happy with it.

You’re probably wondering if I’m gonna raise vegetarian children and my answer today is probably not. I believe one of the reasons why I’m able to make this huge change in my eating habits it’s because of my parents. We were exposed to a variety of food. Even my cousin Harley encouraged me to try things before I said I don’t like a kind of vegetable for example. For that I am eternally thankful. The Brazilian cuisine also helped me a lot. Rice and black beans are filling and the variety of fresh fruits is dazzling!

Let love arise this Valentine’s Day, no matter what your dietary choices might be.