Look in the mirror

Monday, February 18, 2008

I was working out last week. While lifting weights in front of a mirror, the mirror played a trick on me: one of my legs looked half its size! A song by Donald Lawrence came to my mind. Part of it says “see yourself in the future.” That mirror trick brought me hope as well as a persistent question that has followed me for the past week.

Christy asked her readers the hard question: How do you see yourself in 1, 3, 5 years? Here's my answer:

* I see myself as a role model. A role model of health for my family – not a role model that has to scream LOOK AT ME EXERCISING but who walks the walk, literally.

* I see myself healthy. I see myself going to the doctor only to get great reports.

* I see myself feeling well. I see myself resting enough in order to live a life that counts.

* I see myself learning how to cast my cares on God who takes care of me and I see myself using the tools He’s given me to deal with stress. I don’t see myself dragging my body from place to place because I’m so tired or stressed out.

* I see myself with a simplified life. I believe in simplifying things, taking short cuts in order to get things done in a simpler, more effective way.

* I see myself trying on new types of foods and being able to master the art of cooking, one pot at the time.

* I see myself writing more for myself and keeping my writings updated.

* I see myself running with my husband. Something happens when we run together. It feels like I can run better, further.

* I see myself dancing more, laughing more, having more fun and making more friends.

* I see myself as God sees me.

* I see myself not on a diet because I am free.

How do you see yourself?