Quote of the day

Friday, February 1, 2008

"It is not normal to be absolutely perfect when you're on a weight loss diet. It's no different than how we human beings are in any other part of our lives. No one is perfect. It's just not human.

There is a range of behavior, however. Those of us who are able to diet successfully make mistakes - yes - but then we learn from our mistakes, so ultimately we make fewer mistakes. That's the real diet tip here." More from Maria's Last Diet

Have an awesome weekend. I'm gonna strive to make fewer mistakes and better than that, LEARN from the mistakes I make. Starting with going out right now to get some exercise before a weekend of parties - friend's baby shower and super bowl. My personal goals? 1. Go for walks today, tomorrow and Sunday; 2. Eat fruit, cheese and crackers + tea at the baby shower. Oh, make sure that's a snack and I save calories for that. 3. Enjoy my weekend and REST!