Change: Engaging gradually & courageously

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Most of us need to change something in our lives. Change is the anchor on your weight loss journey.
I’ve been listening to messages on change for the past few weeks – some of them are still online. Here’s some of the quotes that stayed with me and my thoughts about them:

“Change is not defined or confined by time.”
Time makes weight loss a seasonal thing for most people. I hear that if you just do it for a season, you’ll probably gain your weight back. That happened to me several times.
I’ve never been strict with deadlines to lose weight but like everyone else, I look forward to seeing results quickly. I have learned about two crucial choices when it comes to time:
1. I can compare my own unique journey with someone else’s and feel horrible because I haven’t lost weight as quickly as they have;
2. I can focus on the plan God has for me and not be confined or defined by time.

How do I do that? Look at the sign of the times in your own life. For Cintia, right now is time to get my health and strength built up for health, work and family life with my wonderful husband.
One day will come a time to have my health and strength built up for motherhood. For you, it may be a time to be healthy to launch a business or to get more stamina. It may be a time to relax and nourish your baby while pregnant. It’s amazing how health has a function in all seasons of life. Just to put a shameless plug out there, my mother is specializing in nutrition during the later years in life (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s). We can always feel better and it goes way beyond looks. What’s the sign of the times in your life?

My change is not defined by the media. My mirror is the Word of God, not the women on Desperate House Wives, not the most popular actress out there. How does change define your own weight loss journey? Do media images play a part in your change? Why?

“Decision is the open door into reality.”
Every change comes out of a decision. What caused your decision is different from what caused mine. The common thing for all of us is that once you make that decision, you are faced with reality.
My reality during my weight loss journey is this: I’m working on eating healthy but the world around me is not. There’s always cake and punch during all staff meetings. Every week there are treats at work. Most functions I go to are not vegetarian friendly. What am I to do in the midst of reality? Stick with my decision to be healthy with the help of God. Through Christ I can do all things.

“Quality decisions open doors to change.”
There’s a clear difference between decisions and quality decisions. In the 1996 I made the decision I was tired of being the fat girl. I lost the weight and gained it right back again. In 2006 I made the decision to live a healthy, whole life through Christ forever. The second decision, 10 years later, was the quality decision. Every time I decided to lose weight for looks was a decision. I did experience temporary change. The time I went to God for His plan for me, I was able to make a quality decision which opened doors to change. Look in your own life. Can you find the difference between decisions and quality decisions?

“In order to change you need to expand your knowledge base.”

My knowledge base is greater now than it’s ever been. I work on expending it daily. If you are trying to change your weight and get greater heath benefits, you need to read more. You need to do some research on your own. As a Christian, I was encouraged to start with God. Once I knew what He wanted me to do, I ran with it. I recommend reading “You are not what you weigh” if you haven’t. It’s not about diets because there is an explosion of books about that. It’s about God’s plan, your mind and having quality change that goes beyond your looks. I read different weight loss blogs. Some are straight diet knowledge, some offer different ideas on the relationship between the mind, habits and weight loss. I love success stories. I also read them. I browse different weight loss books at times. I stay with the good advice and throw the stuff that doesn’t fit me away. We need to keep learning and growing in all stages of life.

“You can’t change your life and live the same way.”
When we make quality changes in our lives, all other areas are subject to change as well. Once I abandoned food for stress relief reasons, I had to face the fact that I needed to manage and eliminate of stress in other ways. I dropped the snickers bar. I started to workout harder, sleep more, pursue peace, etc. I found a healthier regiment. I’m nowhere near perfect. I do fail at times but I’m working on eliminating stress in a way where it will become a habit.

I hope I gave you some food for thought. It’s not all about getting a piece of paper with a list of good and bad foods. It’s about changing. Let’s focus on quality changes this week. Your greatest cheerleader and guide is God. He will never leave you, never forsake you and He will never, never condemn you. There is NO condemnation to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus. To those who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. That sounds like great news to me!