What’s my minimum?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

When starting on a weight loss or wellness program, have you asked yourself “what’s my minimum?” “My minimum” are the minimum things you need to do in order to continue to enjoy life. Just because you are adding wellness to your life now it doesn’t mean your life sucked before. You have likes and dislikes that need to be respected and recognized. Here are some examples of ‘minimums”:

*I know two wonderful ladies who lost weight while having a little piece of chocolate after dinner. Of course they didn’t eat a whole box in one sitting but having chocolate was important to them so they had it and were still able to lose weight. Chocolate was their minimum.

*When starting my weight management program I received the suggestion to exercise every day but ‘my minimum’ requires that I rest one day a week. Last week I rested two days. Resting at least once a week is my minimum.

*In January of 1996 I decided to stop drinking sodas. 12 years later I decided to diminish my consumption of other drinks as well. ‘My minimum’ requires that I still drink milk. I still drink tea. I limit coffee. I have been hooked in coffee before (grad school. Does that ring a bell?) and I no longer want to be ruled by a black liquid inside of a cute mug. Milk, tea and the occasional coffee are my minimums when it comes to drinks.

Minimum can also be something like this:

I can commit to exercising 3 days a week.
I can attend a wellness class once a month.
I can read a wellness book once every six months.
I can find a walking buddy who will walk with me twice a week.
I can say more positive things about myself and others. (last week I parked too close to a lady’s car and I offered to move so she told me ‘I’m too fat to fit in there.’ I told her “you are NOT too fat.” Maybe I was the only one that day who gave her a positive affirmation.)

Each step you take towards wellness qualify as PROGRESS. You don’t have to be a gym rat in order to be healthy. Pray and ask God for guidance. Ask for counsel and ask yourself: what’s my minimum?