Choices & Decisions

Monday, April 21, 2008

It’s been 9 months. I have created the life I’m now living by choices and decisions I’ve made. Two years ago exactly I was thinking I needed self-control. I was right about that. I was wrong when I thought it was going to fall from heaven like magic. It took more than friendly advice and wishful thinking in order to change. Self-control comes with daily surrender to God and His plan. It wasn’t easy but it has produced great fruit in my life. Thank you Jesus!

Yesterday in church, I learned awesome things I am applying to my journey. The pastor taught us several principles I can apply daily. “Your belief determines your behavior. Your behavior determines your outcome.” In the past I don’t know if I had that much belief in myself because the outcome was always gaining more weight and less love for myself. Things have changed now and the glory goes to God for guiding me. It’s not about consistently losing weight. It’s about having a renewed mind and being able to choose God’s best for me – constant health.

Two years ago I would lose a little bit of weight but at the sight of temptation and the least discouragement, I would pick it back up. Another awesome quote I heard yesterday was “if it’s outside of your ability to choose, it’s outside of your ability to change.” I am finally changing. Two years ago I was not able to see the same power of choice I now have. I kept making the wrong choices while expecting positive results. It wasn’t adding up – except for the pounds and health issues.
One more quote that I heard and truly believe in is “What we live, we learn. What we learn, we practice. What we practice, we become.”

For 9 months I’ve been living in a healthy way. I’ve been practicing the principles I learned daily since I took my first baby step. I can truly tell I have become a healthy person. My goal was initially to lose weight only. I have accomplished way more than that. I have gained more knowledge about nutrition, exercise, the mind and more importantly, what’s good for me. I can choose what’s good and I’ve been choosing that with God’s help. It hasn’t been a perfect journey. I’ve made many mistakes and I’ve made wrong choices but I keep pressing on towards the prize God has for me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own journey lately. I’ve been trying to see where do I go from here. I can’t come up with a better answer than: Keep walking in health. Keep practicing the lessons learned. Keep loving yourself. Keep the gratitude and the thankfulness. Keep lending a hand. Faint not, your full reward will come.