A change has come over me!

Friday, April 18, 2008

This is an unusual success story. Someone who went back to basics (literally), lost the weight and gained health and healing. The post was on The Diet Blog and it's called Raw Transformation. Take the time to read it.

I admire people who decide to go on a raw diet. It does have a lot of benefits for their health. The first thing someone like me would wonder is, what about chocolate cake? What about cheese? What about bread? Human beings are more flexible than they think they are. I find that's true for me. At this point of my life, going raw is not something I need or would like to do but I admire those who choose this lifestyle. It's proven to bring healing and health.

As I approach the official half point of my weight loss journey, I'm trying to think of ways to celebrate the many victories along the way. I don't want to measure victories through the number of pounds lost because it would be unfair. I want to celebrate God's love for me and my endurance. Why endurance? Because starting a weight loss program on January 1st is easy. I started in July 2007 and I went through Thanksgiving, Christmas in my home country, birthdays and a major stressful time at work which lasted more than 2 months. On January 5th I became a full-time vegetarian - all by the grace of God. God gave me endurance to keep losing the weight and staying healthy. I did gain weight through this journey but I lost it right back. God is good. I thank Him for giving me endurance and for allowing me to learn many lessons along the way. That's what I want to celebrate. I won't celebrate it with food. I'm thinking about either going on a hike or donating the amoung of pounds in food to a local pantry. I'm still trying to come up with other ideas. I'll see my health educator next week, so I should have more news then. Have an awesome weekend.