Things I learned last week

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1. Life does not stop because I’m losing weight. When sick, I have to stop and do what’s best for me.
2. Things from a can are not necessarily good for me. Fresh is always better for me.
3. I have few, good friends who keep in touch in a regular basis. They know who they are because most people didn’t know I was out of it for a couple of days.
4. Some medicines take away your hunger. What an interesting experience. Not being hungry for days made me really pay attention to eating for nourishment.
5. Walking makes me feel great. My wonderful husband and I went for a short walk and I felt so good by doing that. Movement really helps the overall body and mind!
6. God is my source. All my sources are from Him. He’s a very present help in times of need. He is a healer. He’s my everything and He’s love.
7. Television makes me tired. Watching television makes me tired. It gives me a numbing feeling really. I rest better when I turn it off.
8. Resting is important for recovery. Forget about chores, I need to recover first!
9. Being selfish is overrated. I thought about other people who were sick and prayed for them. The needs of others around me needed to met as well.
10. Food will be there waiting for me when I decide to eat it. This is a rich nation.