Traffic Light

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm taking Lady G's challenge today!

"One method to indentify some healthy changes you would benefit from is the "traffic light" system. Ask yourself: what are the most important things for me to start, stop and continue doing? What would have the biggest impact?
Red light - Habits to stop
Yellow light - Habits to continue with
Green light - New habits to start."

Red Light – eating sweets. Processed food and I are not getting along well. It either has trans fats, too much sodium or way too much sugar. I don’t eat sweets often but every time I do, I repent. Another thing I tell myself is: How do you define sweets? You haven’t baked in ages. Do Nilla wafers count as sweets? In my mind, yes. Last night I grabbed some, they were way too sweet for me. We bought some cantaloupe and they were so sweet I thought I was doing something wrong by eating them. There you go, a healthy substitution. Sugar free jello is a healthy substitution too.

Yellow Light- continue writing what I eat and recording exercise. Continue prepping my food as soon as they get to my kitchen. I got a good deal on celery for example. As soon as I got home I cut them up and they’re here at work with me. Healthy snacking day for me!

Green Light – gaining more contentment about my own journey. I didn’t lose 112 pounds like the first female biggest loser because 1. I’m not at a ranch in the middle of nowhere where I have to work out for 8 hours a day. 2. I don’t need to lose 112 pounds 3. I live in a real world where I make mistakes, get sick and don’t feel like working out sometimes BUT I bounce back and keep on walking. I’m content with losing weight slowly because I’m still losing!!!

Who else would like to take this challenge?