Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last month was a different month. I didn’t keep records of what I ate but for a week. I exercised at least 4 times a week but not as intensely as I’ve done before. I got sick so I slowed down. I wasn’t as hungry as I had been before. I got on new medication. I was tempted to be discouraged about my journey too.
The battle always starts on the mind so I have to defeat my negative thoughts there before they become actions. During this ‘Biggest loser’ season, I was discouraged for not losing weight faster. I defeated that thought by realizing God’s plan for me is unique; I’m not at a farm in the middle of nowhere working out for 10 hours a day; I have many other things in my life that require my attention. My health educator encouraged me to think about the intensity it takes to lose 100 pounds in two months. Think about losing that over a period of year or two. The advantage of losing weight slower is that I can live life. I’ve been traveling, working hard, living life and becoming a healthy person in a way that my body can understand. It hasn’t been a drastic change, it hasn’t been cold turkey, it has been intentional and purposeful.
I have other things I’m not ready to share here that caused other thoughts that were not positive. My health educator told me I need new role models. Certainly the media is not a good role model for me. Some women around me are not good role models of health. I’m learning that health starts on the mind and spreads through the body. I don’t care how many sizes you dropped and how you did it, if your mind is messed up, I can’t really admire you.
I have on my thinking cap today and I like that.