Who is a vegetarian any way?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So, the summer is coming. Summer here means barbeque season, eating out more than we did in the winter. It means tons of potlucks, parties, you name it. This summer the challenge for me is different because I have never been to a vegetarian barbeque. People do not include meatless meals on their barbeques because it just doesn't make sense to them. Who is a vegetarian any way? I am! Last night I took broccolis salad to a church get together. I went to another meeting where there was bread, pork bbq, slaw and beans. I ate the slaw and beans. I have the choice to stick with the meatless sides on cookouts or I can start carrying my Amy's California burger so someone can grill it for me. The advice I got on my weight management class has been priceless. I now know I don't have to be under the circumstances. I can take something I know I can eat and enjoy everyone's presence and fellowship while at parties. Parties are about people getting together and not food getting together. For most of my life I celebrated cakes, sausages and juice. Now I celebrate being with people. That's a change of perspective.