Word of the week: DO

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I watched this Frontline documentary today. It was sad, sad but real.

History can’t be changed but we can do better in the present. We should remember periods like the Holocaust so that we love all of our neighbors and more importantly, help our neighbors. Love is an action. God so love the world that He gave. You and I need to be like our heavenly Father.
I’ve said the world doesn’t stop because you’re on a diet. There’s so much going in the world, we can’t be blinded right now, we need to make a difference.

I know you can’t save the world but you are richer than many women in Sudan. You are richer than someone in your own town. Give something to the poor. Pray for Sudan. Don’t be blinded by your own efforts to lose weight. Find a balance in that and changing the world right where you are. You can recycle, save energy, donate money or time. You and I need to do something.

I read about an awesome idea I will adopt. Here in the area, there’s a health challenge going on in our area called “Lighten up for life.” They are encouraging the participants to donate the amount of pounds they lost as food to one of the local pantries. I thought it was a creative way to give. It really inspired me and I hope you get inspired to help someone else during your journey.