Friday, June 6, 2008

I’m happy today. I added variety to my food – thank God – and it’s really working for me. I feel great. I haven’t felt hungry lately. It’s hard to do without certain things but it’s so worth it. I am finding inspiration primarily in God and I’ve been exploring other vegan and vegetarian blogs. It feels good not to be alone in this journey. My husband changed the way he eats recently. He’s definitely not on a diet but it’s amazing to see how he’s also getting results. I’m encouraging him to do what he’s doing. I remember how much he encouraged me in the beginning and now I’m half way there. Today is Friday and I’m really encouraged to go on. It doesn’t feel like this every day but today I feel like a champ. No one told me anything, I just feel great. When my feelings are not collaborating, all I can count on is the assurance that I will reach a harvest of blessings if I faint not. Have an awesome weekend, no matter how you feel.