Fit Traveler

Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been searching for tips on managing my weight during vacations and I can't find anything that suits me. I'm gonna have to personalize this just like I did when I prepared during Thanksgiving, so here are my tips:

#1 - Make the Big Decision. Do I want to gain, lose or maintain my weight? I would like to lose weight but if I end up maintaing it, great. My goal is not to gain by any means.

#2 - Make a Plan. There are alot of things I don't know about my trip. This is what I do know: I can buy healthy snacks as soon as I get there. I can take granola bars with me. I can refuse to eat airplaine food and eat a great salad before we leave. I can refuse food again when we get there and just stick with water. There's no way I can get used to airplane food - unless my mom is the cook.

#3 - Decide to Stay Fit. I've been working out at least 6 days a week. Before my husband and everyone wakes up, I can take a 30 minute walk in the park. We're planning on doing a lot of walking activities anyway so that will be calories burned on top of my 30 minutes a day.

#4 - Drink a Lot of Water. It's great to stay hydrated and also it distracts me from wanting to snack at all times.

#5 - Eat your veggies. I believe the success of my trip depends on the ratio of veggies and treats. It makes sense to treat myself but I need to eat mostly veggies in order to feel better. If I feel better, I will enjoy the sights better. Does that make sense? Just because we're in a new place it doesn't mean my body will all of a sudden function better with mostly treats. It will be good for my mind as well.

#6 - Choose when to treat yourself. I have to choose my treat in advance. If possible, before I leave. I haven't been on a cruise but I hear that there are treats everywhere, anything you can choose to eat is there. It's wise to choose ahead of time. That will give me something to lookforward to and I won't feel like I traveled to a weight loss clinic LOL

#7 - Be merciful with Yourself. Mistakes happen. Plans change. If I can't do my daily walk I need to be flexible. Maybe situps and pushups will have to do for the trip. I can always learn from my mistakes. The important thing is to enjoy my trip! Oh be merciful to your fit and walk around with comfy shoes!

Question of the week:
Who else around you is losing weight? Research has proved we are (somewhat) influenced by the persons around us. If no one is losing weight around you, don’t give up, stand up and be an individual. I’ve had to do that in the past although now I can think of 12 people around me who are currently losing weight (or trying). No matter how many are losing weight around me, I go to health ed classes alone. I get up from my desk and walk alone during my breaks at work. Being healthy is an individual accomplishment that’s made easier when you have support but at the end of the day, you’ll feel the benefits by yourself.