Your First Step

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday I asked you whoelse is losing weight around you. I have many people who are but they don't necessarily are part of my support system. They encourage me when they see me once a week but for the rest of the time it's me and God. My journey started recognizing that God alone could help me, He would be my primary source. That freaks people out. They insist that I tell them that exercise and diet did it for me but I can't lie, it was the word of God and His plan for me that have brought me this far by faith. Faith without works is dead so sister girl has been working too.

I do believe in support systems. I believe in accountability. My personality is not of someone who enjoys being nagged or bullied in order to be healthy. I do well with encouraging people who know their stuff. I truly believe that if you don't have a friend to be your support system you should pay for it. Get a life coach, get a health educator, join a weight loss group, do something! Take your first step to liberty.

Being healthy is an individual decision. Only you can take that step. If your household doesn't want to go with you, you go and be an example. You go and be healthy so you can serve them better. I have so much more energy to serve my household. I don't have the annoying headaches anymore. I didn't suffer with allergies this season. I give all the glory to God. It all started with yielding to God and taking that first step to liberty.