400th Post Celebration!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I believe it took me around 5 months to write 100 more entries, so, HAPPY 400TH BLOG! I got confused a few months ago and thought I reached this milestone but I was mistaken. So, how should I celebrate it?
First, I’d like to highlight some of my last 100 entries:
Motivation Challenge vs Reality
Church Cookout Tips
Engordar e mais Dificil que Emagrecer

Also, I’d like to thank God for how far he brought me from. February was a super busy time for me because I was working a lot. I also found out around this time I had high blood pressure so I started cutting sodium and taking much better care of myself by eliminating and decreasing sources of stress. The Bible teaches us to pursue peace. This is something I learned in the past 5 months. Peace is not supposed to fall upon my lap, I am to seek after it and pursue it. I can’t tell you how much weight I lost because that’s not the main reason to celebrate. I celebrate what God is doing in my life and how each day as I follow Him things get better and better.

This blog means a lot to me. This is a way to stay faithful in my journey. No one can comment on it because I’m mostly taking the diary approach so I have no clue who reads it. I do appreciate my readers, whoever they are. I appreciate blogger.com for having the thing up and working with excellence. My prayer is that this won’t turn into a selfish thing. I pray that you can find encouragement here through my ups and downs, through trials and victories. I hope my story is a source of inspiration or even entertainment to you. Welcome to the place where I can be Simply Cintia.

Update from My Goals for the Week:
* Walk 13 miles (I have 2.6 to go!);
* Eat well; focus on protein and dairy intake;
* Manage stress in healthy ways;
* Treat myself this weekend.