Friday, July 18, 2008

It’s re-evaluation time (again). Every so often I come to a place where I have to evaluate my journey and think about ways to make it better. I don’t believe in diets so I don’t follow a set regimen per say. I see a health educator who gives me advice and coaches me along the way. I do eat according to the food pyramid, something the government recommends to everyone.
Today I wondered if I should try weight watchers. I know a lot of people who lost weight with them and the same people gained weight as well. I know people who kept the weight off. That happens, no matter what people are doing. The issue is, what’s right for me? For a year and a week exactly, I have been receiving help from the health educator. I have lost around 37 pounds in a year and I’m almost finished in my journey.
This is what I thought about going to WW:
*I honestly can’t dedicate weekly time for the meetings.
*I have the money for the meetings but seeing a health educator is cheaper and way more personable because it’s just the two of us and not a whole bunch of people.
*I don’t have to learn how to count points and I don’t have to relearn their portions.
* God hasn’t told me to change what I’m doing. That settles it!
It will be beneficial to start and finish with one program. In the past I have lost some weight and I have stopped. I want to stick with what I’m doing til the end.
On the exercise part, it’s okay (almost expected) to add some variety. I think I’d be super bored if I was to stick with one type of exercise for a year and a week. I think I can crank up my routine, I can do something different. I have 12 weeks until one of our local 5K and half-marathon. Wouldn’t it be awesome to say I have completed a half-marathon or my first 5 K?
My week back from Europe was a lot of work (literally worked long hours!) but when it came to food and exercise it was very successful. I cut my walking in half and that was okay because I’ve walked more than the planned 13 miles. My eating habits went back to same old. I haven’t been to my official scale so I don’t know what my weight is this week. I feel great though. This weekend I have to work some more and my house needs to be cleaned. There are groceries to be bought and other things to do but I really want to rest. See you next week.

Update from My Goals for the Week:
* Walk 13 miles (Complete!);
* Eat well; focus on protein and dairy intake (Complete!);
* Manage stress in healthy ways (Complete!);
* Treat myself this weekend.