The Coffee Shop

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was listening to Talk of the Nation today. They were talking about Starbucks closing their under performing stores in the country. We just got a Starbucks in the town I work but I missed the opening and to be honest I’ve been there once. I look at several factors now: the price of the coffee and the calories on the pastries. I know what the light options for me are as well. I’m not Starbucks crazy, I used to treat myself when I went out of town. We have been blessed with several local coffee shops. I don’t have favorites, I go to the one that best fits my mood. There’s one that I go when I feel like having a fabulous cup of green tea or an awesome lunch. They have several vegetarian options, which I love. My husband goes for the love of me. He can always find something to eat but he likes coffee shop number two better. It’s close to his job, he can get an awesome omelets for breakfast for a great wrap for lunch. He’s been buying a lot of salads lately (large smile). Oh, my husband is not into coffee so he goes for the food, I go for the drink. Coffee shop number three is a little pricy but the people who work there are great as well. We go there when we have to go to the bank. It’s convenient, it’s across the street... why not?
I can stay busy with our local coffee shops before going to Starbucks. In a world of franchises, the local coffee shop may become a rarity. I like the local coffee shop atmosphere too. When you buy food or coffee you feel like you are helping someone to pay their light bill. These small business invest so much in the community and it feels good to give back. They also treat us like family and that’s a great feeling to have. I would still go to Starbucks but I’d wait til I’m out of town and there are no local coffee shops around.