Just say YES

Friday, August 1, 2008

Today was one of those days where I didn't feel like getting out and exercising. I'm almost never at home, I work a lot, I've worked out this week... Excuses tend to pile sometimes BUT I just said YES. 37 minutes later I was back at home and I had a great work out around the hood. Eve the fastest runners in the gym tell me they also dread getting there but that's the most difficult thing: to make a decision to do something. Today I had to make the decision to walk out of the door. Some times the major decision is to pack my clothes so I can use them at the gym. Other days I have to make the decision not to overeat because it's just not worth it. Have you thought about saying YES to a big decision that will benefit your health today?
I thought about something else that I'm not sure if just saying YES will fix. I have never had a treadmill. I'd love to have one. I'd certainly use it and maybe my husband would use it too. For now, it makes sense to pay for gym membership and go there as many times as I'd like. If one of their machines breaks, it's fixed the next time I show up. They keep the machines clean, they teach you how to use them, they have tons of televisions available so you can watch it and I get to see lovely people I know as well as watch senior citizen women trying to pick up young bucks (now, that's funny). I have thought about saving to buy a treadmill and it makes sense. I lose all the other exercise machines, the sauna, the swimming pool, the hot tub, the awesome classes, the weights... I also lose the people and the discount on my health education classes. If things change in a way where it makes sense to have a home gym, I'll definately buy a treadmill. I'm into running and that will be great. Maybe I'll buy some weights too but for now, it's great to go to the gym.

We are going out to eat some this weekend. We hardly ever go out to eat together. I avoid because of the sodium in foods, because of the prices (I can save so much eating in) and because of the concern of how foods are made (too much trans fats anyone?). Putting all of that aside, it's still enjoyable to go out on dates where food is involved. We have found so many different foods we never tried before because of dates. We try to stay away from all American food and definately go international. Thai and Indian are favs. We also love cusina latina and some good Asian food. In the mornings we love going to bakeries and eating fresh baked bread or pastries. We know that we just can't eat out all the time. Growing up in Brasil we didn't eat out that much. It was a very special occcasion when we did and I didn't think anything of it. My mom cooks so well that it's a sad thing to give up her food for someone else's (I'm serious). Now that we are grown we eat out when we want to give the cooks a break. My family is full of great cooks and it's just a joy to let them do their thing in the kitchen. I love family get togethers in Brasil!!!! I miss being there but I'm thankful to God for the life I have here in the States.

Once things change I too will spend more time in the kitchen. Right now, sister girl does the best she can: cooking foods ahead of time and having homemade stuff throughout the week.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Say YES to things that will add to your health and think about things you want to change. You will get there, one step at the time, one pound at the time.