Food Journal Gone Mainstream!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yesterday on Good Morning America there was a story on keeping a food journal. It was good to see Food Journals going mainstream! I’m glad I keep one. I haven’t changed my take every since I started. I write down what foods I eat but I’m not calorie counting. I noticed that the couple on GMA have small journals. I might downsize when I run out of pages on my current one. This is one of the tools that helped me shed 37 pounds so far but God is my main source for this awesome journey towards health. Here are photos of my own journal:
I’m running a 5K! I was surprised with my resistance. I was going to follow the from Couch Potato to 5K guide but because of working out habitually for a year and the weight loss, I could do more than walk 60 seconds and run 90 seconds. That would be painfully slow. On Monday I ran two sets of 8 minutes, Tuesday 10 minutes. I could run more if I wanted but I don’t want to push myself too fast. I’m thinking about increasing my minutes to 15 next week.
I tried running before but it was too tiresome. The weight loss and my physical conditioning really helped me run 10 minutes with no problem. I’m running by myself. That has been interesting in a way where I don’t have anyone to coach me or tell me what to do. I’m learning from my own body. Running so far has taught me to listen to my body.

I’m happily sore. Running is working muscle groups that were not being used a lot with all the miles and miles of walking. I still enjoy walking. I do enjoy spending less time working out while accomplishing more. This evening I’m going back to Body Blasters. Yep, I’m looking forward to a difficult, yet rewarding workout.

Goals for the Week:
* Train for 5K 3 times a week (1 more time to go);
* Attend Body Blasters 2 times this week;
* Walk on Saturday or simply swim;
* Treat myself with a visit to a friend (OK), a manicure and pedicure;
* Focus on protein and dairy intake;