Too much exercise?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I’ve been constantly trying to listen to my body. I wanted to attend Body Blasters this week but I won’t. No condemnation about it. My body tells me that limiting exercises to 3 intense workouts is good enough for me instead of 5 intense ones. Running is an intense exercise I plan on doing 3 times a week. When I’m not running I’m walking 2.6 miles. Body Blasters is a little bit too much to add to my schedule. I felt kind of weak yesterday before the class. I had breakfast, lunch, drank all the water I needed and I still felt a little weak. I also walked 2.6 miles during my lunch break. I haven’t been sleeping very well thins week tough I get a good 6 – 7 hours in. I don’t know what else is going on, all I know is that I want to feel healthy and not exhausted. I want to continue to feel good by exercising daily and not pushing myself to exhaustion. I haven’t really rested since we came back from vacation, which might be a factor. I haven’t been to the health educator in a while, I might have to hurry up and ask her about my eating paired with the exercises to see if it’s enough. The last thing I want is to feel obligated to exercise or to exercise out of compulsion. Here are my updated goals.

Goals for the Week:
* Train for 5K 3 times a week (OK!);
* Walk on Saturday or simply swim;
* Treat myself with a visit to a friend (OK), a manicure and pedicure;
* Focus on protein and dairy intake;
* Listen to my body! (OK!)