Kicking Stress' Butt

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Remodeling your home can be a mess because of the stress. I’ve been fighting stress this week and with God’s help, winning every battle. One night I stopped myself on my way to the kitchen to eat something because of stress. Good thing we didn’t have junk food so I decided to chill out. I still wanted something sweet so I had a little bit of granola. During the day, instead of eating because my hunger was gone, I went on a prayer walk. Eating doesn’t fix the problem, God does. Faith without works is dead so I have to put my faith to work based on what God wants me to do. Walking a lot this week is a powerful weapon against stress. It seems like my body has to deal with is somehow and I choose prayer and exercise. Here's one of my favorite posts about Winning the Battle with Stress.

I had an awesome visit with my doctor today. She told me she remembers when I first walked in her office last year weighing 183 pounds. She congratulated me for losing weight in a healthy way. The weight loss is affecting my health for the better. God is good! I heard yesterday that every time you lose something, you gain something. Lose weight, gain more health!

I recently updated my Health Journey Sites. Check it out if you haven’t.

I had a good talk to my health educator yesterday. I got a lot of good tips for the summer and the gentle assurance that even if things aren’t perfect, it’s okay. I haven’t measured my weight yet but I will do that soon. I haven’t been able to hit the gym that much this week, thus meeting my 26-mile goal is very important.

Update from My Goals for the Week:
* Walk 26 miles (I have 13 to go!);
* Eat well; focus on protein and dairy intake; (I need to get more protein in!)
* Sleep at least 7 hours; (I need to measure this)
* Manage stress in healthy ways; (I believe I have!)
* Treat myself (Find a free way to do that. Manicure and pedicure? Yes!).