Scary Moment

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What an awesome week. I did have a scary moment. I walked a lot yesterday and I attempted to attend Body Blasters at the end of the day. I didn’t make it through the class. I felt like I was going to pass out (I hate that feeling) so I left and someone brought me some orange juice. I ate a snack before I got there but apparently it wasn’t enough. That’s the first time something like this happens in this gym. I went through this in grad school once, I almost passed out, it was horrible. Oh, now that I’m thinking about it, I got sick like that again when I was living in Florida. I felt so sick after my “super walk.” It’s all related with not getting enough food before working out. I’m determined to match my working out with enough food from now on. I’m gonna get my health educator to educate me on that. All they told me when I joined the gym was ‘make sure you have something in your stomach before you come here,” they never told me what or how much.

I finally got my weight (before the class) yesterday and with God’s help I lost some more weight! I’m excited not because of the numbers but because all the lessons are becoming habits. I was rejoicing with my husband and he reminded me that I haven’t lost this much weight every since we’ve been together. The most I lost for 15 or 20 lbs but I gained it all back. This time has been different because God is guiding me. Glory be to God!

I’m out for vacation after today. I might post but I believe I’ll wait to do that when I come back. The Diet Blog has an awesome blog about that today. I’ll definitely take their post into consideration.

My goals for the week have been really helpful. I’ve done a lot of walking so far, my 26-mile goal should be reached tomorrow. That’s exciting. Have a great holiday, weekend and week!

Update from My Goals for the Week:
* Walk 26 miles (I have 2.6 to go!);
* Eat well; focus on protein and dairy intake; (I’m getting more dairy, still working on protein)
* Sleep at least 7 hours; (last night I went to bed late… I’ll try to get 7 hours tonight)
* Manage stress in healthy ways; (the prayer walks have been wonderful!)
* Treat myself (I haven’t had time. Tomorrow or Saturday I will definitely do that).