Something Beautiful, Something Good

Monday, July 28, 2008

Something beautiful happened this weekend: I ran 3 miles! I’ve been training for the 5K for a week (I just learned that 5K equals 3.1 miles) and I think I’ll be quite alright during the race! I just have to work on my timing now and resistance of course.
This weekend I learned that we underestimate our bodies so much. This weekend I learned that running and training in general is a mind thing. I learned that you tell your body what to do! I’m encouraged to keep training so I can complete my first (of many) 5Ks.

My dad used to run. He was a weekend warrior because he worked so much during the week. I believe my dad was (and is) a great influence when it comes to exercise. My mom is a great influence when it comes to nutrition and health in general. She always wanted to know how to be healthy and how to help others to do the same. Have you thought about what kind of influence your parents passed to you? Another thing is that I saw my parents and grandparents eating a large variety of fruits and vegetables. They actually enjoyed eating them. Today I am open to new kinds of produce because of them. My husband has a different experience. He was a picky eater and he wasn’t exposed to as much produce as I was growing up but he decided to be open as an adult to try different things.
I had been exercising outside for 2 weeks so Saturday was my first time back in the gym after 2 weeks. The manager told me I lost weight and I needed to be congratulated. I thought that was so nice cause he was being genuine. Then I go to the bathroom and one of the members ask me, 'are you one of the fitness instructors?' That just blew my mind. Me? A fitness instructor? People sometimes ask me if I'm an athlete. I'm thrilled to be seen as more than an active person, a person who takes leadership in fitness and wellbeing!

Writing my goals here has been awesome and it keeps me accountable. Here they are again:

Goals for the week?

* Train 3 times a week for the 5K;
* Write everything I eat on food journal;
* Get enough protein and dairy every day;
* Get a manicure and a pedicure;
* Go to the gym at least 3 times this week.