Friday, July 25, 2008

I wanted to talk about friendship a little bit. Research has proven that if your friends are getting in shape, you are very likely to do the same. I also believe that getting in shape may also cause controversy, jealousy and intimidation. Come down of the ‘pink friendship cloud’ and think about the following situation:

You have lost 40 pounds. You look and feel great from the inside out. Your friend has gained 50 pounds and feels bad but won’t admit it.
You have changed some of your habits, therefore the things you used to do before don’t fit your current lifestyle.

Going out to eat 6 days a week is no longer possible because you bring your lunch to work and maybe you want to go out only in special occasions. Watching movies while eating a huge tub or popcorn with tons of butter might not be your thing but your friend is still into it.

What should you do? You can’t end the friendship because of food choices!
Only you know what kind of friends you have. I believe true friends will respect your new healthy lifestyle. They will not insist in highly caloric foods knowing that you no longer partake on that. I also believe friends are not the food police. Unless they are your accountability partners they are not to accuse you for your food choices. Respect is a good word to be used when it comes to food choices.

I believe true friends will find new ways to connect with you. Ask yourself, what are some non-food related activities you and your friends would enjoy?
A walk around the Lake?
A visit to the museum?
A hike on a national park?
Community service?
A bike ride?
Going to a book reading?
Getting pedicures together?
True friends lead a two-way relationship where they’re not intimidated by your new lifestyle but they respect it and still want to be a part of your new life.

Goals for the Week:
* Train for 5K 3 times a week (OK!);
* Walk on Saturday or simply swim;
* Treat myself with a visit to a friend (OK), a manicure and pedicure;
* Focus on protein and dairy intake;

* Listen to your body!