Advocacy for 'Treats'

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I totally appreciate all of you who voted for different topics you'd like me to blog about. By the end of this week and throughout next week I will be blogging on those topics as promised. If you want to offer any suggestions on other topics, e-mail me at
Running has been awesome. I look forward to doing it. I noticed that if I'm rested, I have more endurance. I can totally see why a lot of people choose running as their main exercise. Yesterday I ran 2.5 miles and I was encouraged. I kept telling myself that I ran double that distance the day before so it should be a piece of cake - or should I have said, a piece of watermelon LOL
I'm getting savvier when it comes to grocery shopping. I have finally got to a point where produce doesn't go bad at my home. We (number one) plan. That's one of the major steps. If we happen to need produce on Thursday, we don't buy it until Wednesday or on that same day. Depending on the produce, we see if we can either freeze it or spin it to make it delicious with another dish. I'm not writing a cookbook (just yet), I'm just starting and feeling great about learning new things, exploring new ingredients, combinations, etc.
I'm also very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. I make them and it's the only way to learn. You'll be happy to know that I don't feed mistakes to people. I make sure what I serve to guests is tasty ;)
I'm looking forward to having my treat day. If you haven't been able to notice, I'm a huge advocate of the 'treat day.' You work so hard throughout the week to have a healthy life, you oughtta have something nice waiting for you at the end of the week. You don't need to be wealthy to have a treat day. Most of the time I do my own mani/pedi/facials. When I have a little money saved, I pay for it. Make a list of something enjoyable that you can do at the end of the week. Include some free things and some paid things. If reading a book is a treat, do that. If you never have time for baths during the week, include that on your list. What about a visit to a museum? Make a bucket list of treats for yourself and enjoy it each weekend. These treats also teach you that food is not the only reward out there. God has given us so much beautiful, fun things to do in this world that makes us love ourselves and enjoy our lives more. Think about it ;)
My Goals for this week:
{1} To burn at least 3,000 calories; (1,264.5 to go!)
{2} To get protein and dairy daily in my diet.
{3} *Focus on behavior change, not on the numbers on the scale. Haven't touched the scale for 17 days, 4 more to go.
* I noticed that at least on person joined me in dumping the scale for 21 days. If you just want to break the habit of doing it more often than you should, go for it. It's always awesome to focus on other tools to lose/maintain weight. I'll blog about it next week. It's not as hard or harmful as you may think. It all depends on what you are trying to reach. In my case, peace of mind. Thank God I have achieved that.