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Friday, August 29, 2008

I can truly say that with God's help this week was successful. The rain didn't stop us from working out, we changed things up and it all worked.

Last night I went on another successful 5 mile run. They don't get any easier but the satisfaction and thankfulness to God are the same. Running is a blessing. I'm glad I started when I did. It's much easier to run without the extra pounds on top (and bottom) of my knees.Thanks again for voting on what you want me to blog. I'm gonna do a countdown to the subject that you voted for the most. Here's what I'm going to be blogging about next week:

Monday - Should my man diet with me?
Tuesday - 21 days without the Scale
Wednesday - Motivation Boost
Thursday - Power of Positive Confession

I wish you a merry weekend. My treat day is TODAY! Pedicure, here I come!

My Goals for this week:

{1} To burn at least 3,000 calories; (433.5 to go!)
{2} To get protein and dairy daily in my diet.
{3} *Focus on behavior change, not on the numbers on the scale. Haven't touched the scale for 18 days, 3 more to go!