What’s going on in my World?

Monday, August 4, 2008

My husband and I had an AWESOME weekend together. He cooked a healthy low sodium dinner for me which was awesome! We had not dessert! How considerate is my man! After that nutritiously delicious dinner we didn’t need any dessert! On the following date we let the Thai restaurant cook for me. I do like Thai food very much but I didn’t want to pig out. I chose some medium hot food and I found out it was really mild, so I could have gone to full blown hot stuff. It was peanut sauce noodle dish with tofu. I ate all the veggies, all the tofu and left all the noodles alone. Funny but possible. I took my husband out for ice cream. I had the smallest blueberry sorbet with real blueberries on top. Good stuff! On the next date we went to a vegetarian friendly restaurant. I had the vegetable plate which came with squash casserole, rice & black beans, mac & cheese (not a vegetable, I know) and grilled asparagus with corn bread. I ate all the veggies and left a lot of the mac & cheese alone. We shared dessert, which was one of the flavors of our wedding cake (we had 5 flavors stacked on our wedding cake, fabulous!). How romantic is that? We did a lot of walking through town, partially cause I had to pick a place to eat. There are so many fabulous restaurants around here, we made a point to try the ones that appeal to our taste.
Today was a Monday in every sense of the world but a FANTASTIC Monday. I read Grace’s post on how we need to change the way we see the days of the week so I was definitely inspired by that. I worked a lot but couldn’t get up early enough to work out so I walked and prayed at lunch time and after work I hit the gym. It might be my impression but there weren’t that many folks there this pm. I don’t know if it’s because the weather is nice or if this is supposed to be drop out season. I hear that gyms are usually jumping January 2nd and after a couple of weeks folks tend to give up.
We had a get together for friends who are moving out of state and the food was so awesome! There were delicious fruit kabobs, vegetable sandwiches, chips and salsa… I was a happy girl! I’m definitely becoming familiar with attending parties without pigging out.
Talking about pigging out, we have another church picnic at the end of the month. You know I’m doing two things: Getting my vegetarian dish ready (something I too can eat!) and brushing up on my own tips so I won’t overeat. I did pretty well last time. Yes, as I blogged before, there will be yet another dessert competition. I will be nowhere near that booth LOL.
My husband keeps telling me I will teach fitness classes one day. I need to stop denying it and embracing his blessings on me getting certified. That’s not on my plans right now but sister girl is open to new possibilities. Helping other people get healthy and to feel good about who God created them to be would be awesome. We’ll see what happens in the future.
I didn’t think I’d run today but I did – thank God. I increased the speed just a little bit. I plan on doing so my body won’t notice it that much throughout the weeks. I was listening to different newscasts today and I’m telling you, it was annoying. I rather running while tuning out from the music they play at the gym. Too much negativity while running doesn’t help. I haven’t created my own playlist cause my Ipod won’t work outside of my home (story for another day…). Not having anything on my ear also trains me for running in the streets. It’s good to be alert of my surroundings as my mother-in-law always says. Is this enough posting or what? Have a fantabulous week!

Goals for the week!
* Train for 5K (3 times); 1 down – 2 to go!
* Walk (3 times); 1 down – 2 to go!
* Get protein and dairy daily;
* Write in food journal;
* Treat myself for achieving goals (gotta think about a good treat).