The Root Cause for Weight Gain

Sunday, August 3, 2008

“We’ve come a long way” is the title of a song a lady used to sing in my previous church. This title can describe my health journey. Thank God we’ve come a long way and we are more than conquerors!
This lovely weekend I took the time to look at the binder where I keep all of my articles, worksheets and other things I used on my weight management class and visits with a health educator.
It seems that a year ago I had problems eating a variety of foods and vegetables. I’m glad to announce this is not a problem anymore. By writing down a menu for the week as well as being drawn into different fruits and vegetables in the store, we have cut this problem down.
I also saw that I had tons of problems with stress. The Lord has blessed me with more knowledge as well as experience in this area that may affect life. Christians are to pursue peace, seek after it. I thought it was something that fell from the sky. Either I reduce or totally eliminate stress in healthy ways. Glory be to God for this lesson.
I’ve learned a lot. Most of the focus this past year is not on food. I think that was actually what hurt be in my 10 attempts to lose weight. Too much focus on food. When I have relationship problems I tend to walk to the kitchen. One time I stopped myself and said ‘what are you doing? You’re not even hungry!’ does this work every time? No. But thank God the awareness that food is not the solution is there.
I am aware that there is a danger in keeping total focus on food or exercise only. Stress may be the root cause for weight gain (I’ve written about developing a healthy root system here). Anxiety may be the cause for weight gain. Health problems may cause it. The holiday season gets blamed a lot for weight gain. Let me challenge you with the following: sometimes we try to eat our way out of boredom, awkwardness or avoidance when surrounded by family memories and old memories of the past.
An inanimate food (we hope the turkey will be completely dead on Thanksgiving LOL) does not call your name saying “Cintia! Eat me baby! You know you want my delicious thigh!” We are the ones drawn to illicit amounts of apple pie because the high given by sugar is supposed to numb the pain of rejection, not feeling accepted, not feeling supported or loved.
Stop accepting the lie and seek the truth. I had to seek the Truth and Jesus set me free. I didn’t like myself. I ate through anxiety, uncertainty, stress and you name it. My late night visits to Arby’s did help me gain the pounds but the root cause for weight gain wasn’t their grilled chicken combo with jalapeno poppers and sweet tea.
I’ve come a long way. God has held my hand and brought me this far by faith. I’m not the same person. God changed my mind first and it took at least 2 years for this to happen. It wasn’t until last year, after my mind was renewed to love the God kind of love that I was able to start my physical transformation.
It started on the mind. I no longer look in the mirror and see a fat woman. I see the righteousness of God in Christ, I see a beloved, beautiful daughter of God who has a purpose and an awesome destiny looking back at me.
It’s not all about food or a number of pounds. I’ve come a long way, leaning on the Lord because He is my source. I want to challenge you to pray for revelation of your root cause for weight gain.
Remember that God is ready to bring change in your life because He loves you for who you are.