Monday, September 22, 2008

The sweet aroma of… nothing. That’s what I look forward to in the mornings. Being pregnant messed up my sense of smell. I asked my husband to stick with deodorant only, cologne was too much for me. Whatever he eats two rooms away, I can smell it. This morning I still could smell whatever he had for lunch yesterday so I refused to go back to the kitchen. I hope this goes away because it’s just inconvenient tough funny.
Saturdays are usually the days when we go to the store, clean up the whole house, get nails and hair done. Not last Saturday. I had to rest. I could not go on as usual and I admit, I felt guilty. Sundays are usually our rest day. Zeke fixed lunch (I couldn’t get up to do even that) and I went right back to sleep after we ate. Oh, my portions are interestingly small nowadays. I used to be able to eat 3 or 4 slices of homemade pizza but to be honest, 1 and a half was the best I could do yesterday. I really wanted something ‘solid’ for dinner, so I had rice and beans. You’d think I was eating caviar, it was so great! My constant taste for sweets disappeared. I can’t stand sweet stuff (cakes, sweet rice cakes, honey roasted peanut butter, etc) tough in my mind I know it tastes good. It’s the baby man! It does change my way of living and eating.
I can say that I truly experienced the Sabbath on Saturday. The Lord told us to rest and I sure did. What He meant about keeping the Sabbath was to do nothing. On Sunday after 4 p.m. I got up with renewed strength and cleaned up most of the house. God knows what my body needs which right now is rest. I submit gladly and I hope to get used to the changes all moms go through. Please keep praying for me and encouraging me. Have a great week!!!