Saturday, September 20, 2008

Essa e uma foto da foto do/a bebe:) fomos fazer o nosso primeiro ultrassound na sexta-feira. Ao contrario do que o Zeke pensou, so vamos ter um/a bebe. Sabe que ele achou gemeos na familia dele? Pelo menos ele ainda tem esperanca. Eu tive uma consulta com o medico tambem, entao processo todo levou umas 2 horas... da proxima tenho que levar lanche, um livro, etc. Gracas a Deus no plano financeiro deles vc termina de pagar tudo com 6 meses de gravidez. Que bencao ne? A ultima coisa que vc quer pensar durante o nascimento e conta. Esse fds tem sido bom. Comecamos a limpar o quarto do/a bebe e lavei roupas. O resto do tempo fiquei deitada o tempo todo. Nao estou exausta como semana passada mas minha energia tb nao esta de volta. Se Deus quiser isso melhora semana que vem. Bom fds a todos e todas!

This is the first photo of my baby! We had our first ultrasound on Friday. It was such a joyous occasion for us. Zeke and I were thrilled to hear the heart beating! We could see it as well. God is amazing. It's amazing how He created life and sustains it as long as we live. I had to see my doctor so the whole ordeal took around 2 hours. There wasn't an atmosphere of joy in the doctor's office. I don't know why. I was just thrilled to be there tough. There were single mothers there, teenage mothers and women around my age as well. You never know what people go through, what they are feeling or what kind of life their babies will experience. One thing is for sure, God meant for those babies to be formed. He knew them before they were formed and He called them by name. God is amazing. I thank Him for giving me my baby at this very season in life. I'm not as exhausted as I was before but my super energy is still not back. I don't have much of an appetite. I eat often but not as much as I did before. If I attempt to eat a lot my body just rejects it. My doctor told me that I need more calories than I've been currently eating. I took it as, it's nice to know what my limits are. I refuse to shove down the extra calories if my body is not really 'asking' for it. I'm very attentive of eating great portions of fruits and vegetables, I just don't believe in forcing stuff in. You wanna hear something weird? I can't stand watching food commercials, they make me sick. Isn't that weird? Today I'm sick of sweet foods. No pancakes for me tomorrow :) It's weird cause I used to love sweets. This must be a phase. Great weekend to everyone!