Monday, September 15, 2008

My menu (one day of last week) looked like this:
8 oz calcium fortified Orange Juice + 1 teaspoon of ground flax seed
1 cup of whole grain cereal (it has 1,000 mg of calcium in it)8 oz vanilla soy milk (same amount of calcium as the cow gives us)
1 mossarela string cheese + 1 small apple
1 cup of rice with *tempeh (am I a vegetarian or what?), stifryed friend veggies and cheese
1 banana
2.6 mile walk (did it in 40 minutes)
1 mossarela string cheese + 1 small apple
Chamomile Tea with no sweetner
1/2 cup of a different variation of the stirfryed we had for lunch
1 cup of turnip greens (love them!)
1 portion of cinnamon corn bread (this recepi comes from my American Mom. She said she made a mistake when she put cinnamon apple sauce on her corn bread instead of eggs or the regular one, but Zeke and I loved it! We also put soy milk on ours because that's all we buy now)
Water: 32 ounces plus an average of 4 cups of caffeine free tea.
* I bought the tempeh for the first time but Zeke cooked it. It has a different consistency than tofu. It looked like chicken after we cooked it. There are tons of recepies out there. It's a great meat substitute filled with soy protein. What I eat daily changes all the time. Sometimes we have pizza, sometimes lasagna (all vegetarian), sometimes I eat 2 small bagels for breakfast, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes smoothies. It depends on what I have a taste for. We also eat a lot of black beans and rice (Brazilian staple). I also make sure I drink all the water I need before going home from work. I hate being dehydrated so I drink it up.
Having a succeful day requires planning. I plan what I'm gonna eat for a week so I buy groceries based on a menu. I might change things around during the week but we usually stay pretty faithful.When we go out to eat, I plan on what I need for the rest of that day as well. Friday for example, I needed some vegetables so I planned on eating a huge salad.
Do you plan your meals? Could you use some help planning? Could you spice up your menu? We added vegetarian tacos to our menu last month and it was awesome. Have a great eating week!