Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So, I'm pregnant. I'm very pregnant. I'm as pregnant as I will ever be LOL. It does change the way I live life. There's life growing inside of me and guess what? This life needs to eat too!
I don't believe in eating for two, I believe in eating for nurture. It seems that most people out there (my doctor included) believe that at some point during pregnancy you are supposed to add only 300 calories to your existing diet. 300 calories, that's it?
You can add 300 calories any way but the wise way is to be sure they are packed full with nutrients and good stuff for me and the baby.

If you are wondering what 300 calories look like, the Diet Blog has an awesome picture blog that demonstrates that

Here's an article on the best 300 calorie meals if you are eating frozen meals or fast food.

I rejoice any time I find out I can eat more. I'm not using my pregnancy as a reason to eat the whole world. Self-control is something God has given me and trust me, it's still being developed through this pregnancy.

My feeling of hunger has changed twice. When I was overweight I used to feel desperation (not hunger) and I'd eat til I could eat no more. Before getting pregnant I could hear my stomach growl and I'd eat a snack but now it feels like my whole body is screaming HURRY UP AND FEED THE BABY!

I've always been an advocate to snacks. I love snacks, especially the ones that are tasty and packed full with nutrition. Now that I'm expecting I make sure I snack every day. Last Sunday for example, I ate a small apple between worship services (we have two at our church) and I was good to go until we went home and had salad and vegetarian lasagna with cinnamon cornbread.

I eat all sorts of snacks but it depends on what I need for the day. If I'm going to work out, I make sure I eat something that fills me up like peanut butter. If I'm just waiting for lunch, I eat fruit and/or cheese.

Snacking has helped me stay in track with the amount of nutrients I need for the day. When I plan my meals I start by planning how much protein and veggies I will need for dinner then I divide grains, dairy and fruit throughout the day.

There is such thing as bad snacking. Foods filled with trans fats and sodium are horrible choices of snacks. A German chocolate cake is bad snacking for me because it doesn't do anything for me nutritionally. It might actually sabotage my day because it doesn't give me the strength I need to hold on til the next meal.
Do you snack often? What are good and bad snacks in your opinion?