Babymoon Defined

Friday, October 17, 2008

"A babymoon is a trip which is taken by parents who are expecting a baby; the term is closely related to “honeymoon,” the term used to refer to the trip taken to celebrate a new marriage. Typically such trips are undertaken early enough in the pregnancy that traveling is safe and enjoyable for the mother, and they are designed as a sort of “last hurrah” before the birth of the child. While parenting is obviously very exciting, it also marks a very major life change, and a babymoon is one way to mark this shift while celebrating the relationship between the parents.
Typically, a babymoon is meant to be romantic and luxurious. New parents typically find travel difficult, thanks to the demands of the child, and being romantic can be even more challenging, when both parents are focused on the needs of their dependent. Going on a babymoon can be a way for parents to reconnect before a birth, celebrating their love for each other and strengthening their bond."

Isn't this fun? This is totally a creation of the travel industry in my opinion but why not bond as a married couple before, during after babies are born? We're planning our babymoon, it's gonna be great! We didn't have a honeymoon but we've definately done a lot of traveling together on vacation and for business. I'll be sure to keep yall posted on what we end up doing it ;)