Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I went back to Zumba class last night. I always enjoyed Zumba and I went almost every week for a while. My schedule got crazy and I decided to focus on more intense workouts so I've been out for a while. It kicked my butt a little bit cause I had not been there for a while but it was a lot of fun! My fitness challenge for this week is to lift weights at least twice and then move on to three times a week. I was supposed to do it yesterday but I was a little wore out after the class so I just went to church and then we went home.
We are getting new carpet today so we had to move a lot of our furniture. We're not packrats (thank God) so we didn't have that much to move. Zeke also went home earlier and got the baby's room cleaned up. He worked really hard last night, I dozed out after I finished cleaning all I was supposed to clean. So, I'm excited about finding a different home with new carpet!
Since I've been married (and before too), I've worked so hard that I had little time to work on decoration and interior design. I highly appreciate people with this talent because it's awesome to live in a place where you are surrounded by beauty. I always thought one day I'd pay someone to do that for me instead of trying to learn a whole new craft :) The house is coming along okay. I really love living there and I often wish I could spend more time at home but that will probably happen once the baby arrives.
I'm almost 11 weeks and feeling really great. God's been good. I'm focusing on the positive and living my life to the fullest while I have this little one growing inside of me. I can't wait to see what the baby will look like. It will be beautiful, I just wonder how beautiful. My dream is that our first one will look just like Zeke :) We'll see.