Goodbye First Tri

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm entering the second trimester. It will be official in two weeks but I like to be advanced LOL. They say it's the honeymoon period of your pregnancy, I'm gonna call it the continuation of my honeymoon period. It's been awesome. I'm not as tired as I was in the beginning of the pregnancy. The only thing that got a little extreme is my sense of smell. I no longer wear perfume and I ask Zeke not to put cologne if he can help it :) I'm supposed to get a flu shot this week. God's blessed us with great health, I'm looking forward to continue to take care of my health. Yep, we're going back to teh gym this week. I wanted to walk last week but with all the travel it was just not possible. I'm gonna keep lifting weights and working on the elliptical. I'm gonna do a lot of fast walking and maybe running. It's back to normal, I'm glad about it.